We are Montreal-based editors working in community, academic, and literary contexts. Our training includes degrees in the humanities as well as the publishing certificate program at Ryerson University. We have over a decade of combined editing experience (substantive, stylistic, and copy).

Our work is informed by our backgrounds in queer and feminist theory and organizing in anti-oppression frameworks. We are familiar with writers’ needs in terms of cultural production from the margins.

We have experience providing structural and grammatical input for creative writing, graduate theses, and publications for community organizations.


While your editor doesn’t have to be familiar with the subject matter, they do have to be aware of the intended audience and style of a document. As queer editors, we understand the language that comes out of queer communities and the context in which that language exists. We use the word “queer” because it most effectively links the struggles of those marginalized by their sexuality to social justice struggles more broadly. We try to work from a social justice perspective by providing the tools with which to effectively communicate ideas while maintaining the authors’ viewpoints and shaping writing for their audiences.

A piece of writing usually calls for some combination of the kinds of editing listed below. They are clarified here in case you are looking for guidance in defining how you want us to handle your work. Please contact us to find out more.

Substantive Editing

Stylistic Editing



Hourly rates start at $25.

Working from within a community that strives towards greater accessibility (of services, spaces, and information), we are happy to negotiate rates for unemployed and underemployed people, students, not-for-profit organizations, etc.

Please contact us to discuss sliding scale rates and/or to send us a writing sample for an estimate.
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